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Virtually every civilized society today holds sacred the right to peaceably bury their dead. - Mike Schmidt

My mother always used to say, ‘There is no path to peace. Peace is the path.’ - Donald Freed
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Nobody really knows for sure who the Blue Blazer is, but like I said in my interview, there’s a little bit of the Blue Blazer in each and every one of us. - Owen Hart

We’ve always lived in dark times. There has always been a range of human experience from the sublime to the brutal, and stories reflect it. It’s no less brutal now; each age has its horrors. - Terri Windling

When the drama attains a characterization which makes the play a revelation of human conduct and a dialogue which characterizes yet pleases for itself, we reach dramatic literature. - George P. Baker

I believe that our society is merely a reflection of what is going on inside each and every one of us. - Seal

I really don’t have any secrets. I’ve never met a photographer whose work I respected that had a secret because the secret lies within each and every one of us. - John Sexton

But I don’t think I have any particular talent for prediction, because when you have three or four elements in hand, you don’t have to be a genius to reach certain conclusions. - Antonio Tabucchi

In the morning, I reach for the sports page. - Lisa Guerrero

There are strange flowers of reason to match each error of the senses. - Louis Aragon